Make a donation

Donate your time to set up a booth at a function

Donate your time to set up a booth at a function











  • Make a monetary donation to MAHR to help save the horses.

  • Volunteer at different functions that MAHR sets up Information Booths at.

  • Get up a car wash to benefit MAHR, or a bake sale.

  • Donate something for MAHR to hold an auction with.

  • Come help around the ranch with the horses and the grounds.

  • Donate HAY!  MAHR is always in dire need of hay!
  • Purchase  our T-Shirts and hats!!
  • There are many different ways you can help MAHR!






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Help Us Help

Only with your help can we continue our work to save horses in trouble. What can I do, you ask? There are many ways that you can contribute. One easy way is to simply click the "Donate" button below and send whatever you can afford. But, we also appreciate receiving anything that helps us help one more horse be it hay, feed, supplements, medical supplies, building supplies, and of course, your TIME. Please help us help!