Wish list

If you can help out by providing any of the items on our “Wish List”, please contact MAHR or call 423-552-5988.
Your donation will make a big difference in our rescue efforts.

~ Hay and Feed ~
  • Grass Hay & Alfalfa – good quality, round or square bales • Senior Feed • 10-14% Pellet-Style Feed, Junior Feed, Mare and Foal Feed • Whole Oats • Rice Bran* Beet Pulp*
~ Minerals & Supplements ~ All types • Vitamins & Supplements • Sea Salt, loose (10lb bags or Greater) • Minerals, loose (10lb bags or Greater) • Flax Seed Oil • Soy Oil • Corn Oil* Devil’s Claw*
~ Medicines & Medical Supplies ~ Any and All Types of Medical Supplies Needed • Any Vaccines
~ Horse Care Items ~ Fly Masks with ears • Fly Spray • Fly Sheets • Farrier Tools• Lead Ropes & Halters • Water Tanks • Water Troughs & Water Heaters • Solar Boxes for Electric Fencing
~ Building Supplies ~ Electric Tape • Wood & Nails for Building Stall Shelters, Fencing, and Sheds • Fence Rails and Posts • Corral Panels • Tarps • Tin for Shelter Roofs
~ De-Wormers ~ Any Ivermectin Products or Safeguard


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Help Us Help

Only with your help can we continue our work to save horses in trouble. What can I do, you ask? There are many ways that you can contribute. One easy way is to simply click the "Donate" button below and send whatever you can afford. But, we also appreciate receiving anything that helps us help one more horse be it hay, feed, supplements, medical supplies, building supplies, and of course, your TIME. Please help us help!