How to Adopt a Horse

How Do I Adopt?




Since 2006, Mustang Alley Horse Rescue’s adoption program has placed over 200 horses into loving, permanent homes. Adoption can be one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences of your life. Here at MAHR, we believe that every horse should be loved and valued. At any given time, we have more than 20 horses of various breeds, sizes, and ages available for adoption. Open your heart to a Mustang Alley Horse Rescue horse, and adopt a partner for life!

What kind of horses do you have available for adoption?

We have horses that are rideable in all disciplines, as well as non-rideable horses that can fill the much-needed job of “companion,” acting as friends for other horses.

How do I start the adoption process?

You can download and print the Adoption Application and mail or fax it to us (The $25.00 application fee is due when the application is turned in)

Where can I learn more about the horses available for adoption?

Visit our Adoptable horse gallery to view all of the horses currently available for adoption along with their photos, fees, and more.

How do you screen potential adopters?

After we review your application, we do one or more adoption appointments to make a good match between a horse and an adopter. Next, we do a site visit to the potential home. We inspect the physical attributes of the site as well as check the condition of horses currently on the property. Once the site is approved we send the horse home and go back after 3 months and 6 months to check and make sure everyone is still happy and healthy.

How old do I have to be to adopt?

Adopters must be 18 years of age.

Can I have a horse checked by a vet?

Absolutely. We encourage adopters to treat an adoption just as you would the purchase of a horse. A pre-purchase exam is always a good idea.

Can first-time horse owners adopt?

Yes. Depending on your level of experience in horse handling and care, certain conditions may apply to the adoption. We can discuss this more at your adoption appointment. Horse Care classes are available to first time horse owners.

How much does it cost to care for a horse?

The adoption fee is the least expensive cost of owning a horse. It can cost between $2,000.00 and $4,000.00 annually to care for a horse. Horses have a lifespan of 30+ years, so owning a horse is a long-term financial commitment.

Where do these horses come from?

Mustang Alley Horse Rescue receives horses through Animal Control Agencies across the state of Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina as well as horses surrendered by their owners. We also go to sale barns and try to save as many as we can afford, from going to slaughter. Some come to us in great condition. Those that may arrive underweight or ill are rehabilitated under the expert care of MAHR’s barn staff and vet. All horses are brought to full health before being offered for adoption.

Can horses be adopted out of state?

We consider adoptions to neighboring states on a case by case basis.





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