How to Teach Your Horse Not to Eat on the Trail


Having your horse constantly veering off the trail to bite at the leaves on a tree, or bending down to grab a mouthful of grass while riding on the trail, is both annoying and potentially dangerous. Find out how to cure a horse of this problem in a humane and rewarding way.

1. While at a walk on a straight trail path, allow your horse to bend his head and take a mouthful of grass or rip leaves off a tree as he might normally do.

2. As soon as he does this, put him into a trot or canter for a few yards, i.e. make him associate the eating with having to work.

3. Go back to a walking pace and repeat this every time he takes a mouthful of grass or leaves.

4. By the end of your trail ride (or maybe it will take 2 or 3 trails rides depending on you and your horse) he will no longer be tempted to eat while you are riding.

5. Reward your horse at the end of the trail ride with a suitable horse treat.

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