Domestic Violence

At Mustang Alley Horse Rescue, Inc

We have partnered with ASafeHarborHome, Inc, of Chuckey, TN, which is a transitional shelter for domestic violence victims.   We use our rescue horses as therapy to improve the emotional state of victims in our areal.  Victims of domestic violence can come to MAHR and work with the horses to get their minds clear of all abuse that has gone on in their lives and an opportunity to get away from it all.  They give their love to an abused horse and both help each other.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, contact ASafeHarborHome, Inc. by email: or call 423-218-0774


Definition of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence constitutes the willful intimidation, assault, battery, sexual assault or other abusive behavior perpetrated by one family member, household member, or intimate partner against another.

Dynamics of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is about power and control. The abuser wants to dominate the victim/survivor and wants all the power in the relationship-and uses violence in order to establish and maintain authority and power. Perpetrators of domestic violence are usually not sick or deranged, but have learned abusive, manipulative techniques and behaviors that allow them to dominate and control others and obtain the responses they desire.

An abuser will often restrict a victim’s outlets, forbidding the victim to maintain outside employment, friends, and family ties. This has an isolating effect, leaving victims with no support system, and creating dependency. Abusers also limit a survivor’s options by not allowing access to checking accounts, credit cards or other sources of money or financial independence.

Perpetrators of domestic violence may constantly criticize, belittle and humiliate their partners. Causing the victim to feel worthless, ugly, stupid and crazy does not allow for a survivor’s healthy self-perception. Low self-esteem may contribute to victims feeling they deserve the abuse, affecting their ability to see themselves as worthy of better treatment.

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