Win SimCity Without Spending Any Real Money


Electronic Application or EA offers an excellent free play experience with a lot of elements that have been restored from the series. That being said, there are more ways to increase the efficiency while playing the game. Playing the games, I realized that there are certain steps which make the crossing of the levels easier. It is a good idea to play as per your requirements rather than trying to collect everything that comes in your way.

On unlocking the trade headquarters, I used to sell my excess parts. The game let me advertise an item that I owned for every few minutes. These small simcity buildit cheats really matters in the game, lets have a look at more of them. Whenever some other players access the HQ, they will get to see my products. I did not use the headquarters to sell common materials instead I  piled all the common materials and then sold it off at the HQ for a decent price.  A good quantity of common materials fetched me a decent amount.

The location of the public buildings in accordance to the residential building is an important part of the game. While playing, I tried to get one building to be in proximity with as many residents possible to maximize my investment. Early into the game, fire departments and parks are good areas for public business. I set up my buildings in a way so that all five of my residential zones have access to public roads and buildings. This left me with a few with a few empty spots. I could always re-arrange the spots later into the game on unlocking specialty building and police facilities.


At the start of the game, I felt that the amount of coin provided was sufficient. Upgrading residencies let me earn even more cash. However, on playing the game in continuity, I understood that it would be better if I extend my reach to only a few residencies at a time. Leveling up would unlock new requirements like sewage and water. The running and maintenance of these require a sufficient amount of capital. Hence, saving at the beginning is a good idea for future investments into the game. Lack of money will make purchasing and upgrade a more time-consuming matter. It is better to save the coins instead, spend it only on items as required.

I started collecting taxes once I was done building the city hall. I would log in once a day to collect my taxes and restart the timer. I tried to keep my citizens happy with updates as and when required. Upgrades made my citizens happier, and that automatically led my taxes to increase. Making sure that the citizens have access to essential services and parks make the citizens happy. It is wise to expand your residential zone only once all the citizens are a hundred percent happy. Factory upgrades also boost the game. On unlocking factories with higher capacity, I bulldozed the old ones to make space. More factories mean more materials and more coins. I found these few techniques in helping me increase my coins an efficient way of sustaining in the game for longer.

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